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Corporate Partner

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Commonwealth Bank is proud to support the Britain-Australia Society as its Corporate Partner.

The Bank has a long history in both Australia and the United Kingdom and has been a key partner for the Society since 2014 when it hosted the Society's 45th Anniversary celebrations at its London Headquarters.

The Commonwealth Bank supports several of the Society's premier events, including the ongoing First Eight Series, an annual lecture commemorating the first eight Prime Ministers of Australia. The 2020 lecture will cover Australia's first Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton.

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Moving to Australia?

As one of Australia’s most recognised brands, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is a leading provider of personal banking, business and institutional banking and share broking services in Australia. CBA has a strong balance sheet, with total assets exceeding $A976 billion (as at 30 June 2019)1. By market capitalisation CBA is among the world’s 15 largest banks (as at August 2019)2.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and with offices in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific, CBA is strategically positioned to work with clients across global markets, while connecting non-Australian clients to opportunities both in Australia and around the world. As custodian of Australia’s largest customer transactional data set, CBA can connect global clients to Australian opportunities backed by data-generated insights. Our scale enables us to unlock alternative pools of liquidity and capital, with strong executional capabilities complemented by a network of corporate referrals and diverse international expertise.

Our Institutional Banking & Markets division provides relationship management and product capability for CBA’s major corporate, government and institutional clients. The division offers a full range of capital raising solutions and financial markets capabilities, as well as transactional and risk management products and services.

Today’s landscape is one of increasing international flows amid several forces that include globalisation, people movements and international capital flows. These megatrends are blurring industry boundaries to create ‘ecosystems’.

We have responded by structuring our Institutional Banking & Markets business into ecosystems, which enables knowledge and insights to be shared across diverse and increasingly connected industries, sectors and markets. Our team is able to provide new perspectives to unlock ideas and help our clients innovate and grow, both locally and across the world.

CBA’s ecosystems are:

  • Efficient Supply Chains: This ecosystem supports the end-to-end production, manufacture, transport and sale of goods through to consumers. It combines Agricultural, Retail, Contracting, Food & Beverage, Industrials and Logistics.

  • Future Cities: This ecosystem supports the infrastructure that underpins a growing population and evolving society. It combines Real Estate, Infrastructure and Sustainable Finance.

  • Future Resources: This ecosystem supports the increasingly integrated end-to-end global production, trade and consumption of natural resources and energy. It combines Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation and Renewables.

  • Connected Services: Together the Government and Banking sectors advance the systems that underpin Australia’s stability.

  • Intelligent Finance: This ecosystem connects global investors with opportunities in the Australian market, while also connecting Australian investors with global investment opportunities. It combines Funds Management, Private Equity and Insurance.

  • Smart Networks: This ecosystem supports clients facing changes as a result of the exponential growth in data, innovation at scale, and the demand for efficiency in technology infrastructure. It combines Technology, Telecommunications, Education, Health and Media & Entertainment.

For businesses expanding into Australia, CBA provides support to more people moving to Australia than any other bank. We can help executives and staff transition to their new life with tips on living, working and banking in Australia. This is complemented by a full suite of Premier Banking and Retail Banking products and services.


Contact Kieran Salter, Chief Executive Officer UK ( in our London office to learn more.

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Things you should know:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) ABN 48 123 123 124 124 is a company incorporated in Australia with limited liability and is subject to Australian regulation. This communication is published solely for information purposes only. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) ABN 48 123 123 124 AFSL and Australian credit licence 234945, is a company incorporated in Australia with limited liability and is authorised and regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA). In the UK CBA is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) (FRN 139185) and is subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and limited regulation by the PRA. Details about the extent of our regulation by the PRA are available from us on request. CBA is permissioned in the UK to provide certain regulated products and services to Eligible Counterparty and Professional Clients as defined by FCA rules.



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