The Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship


The awards are to enable students normally resident in the UK to undertake a higher degree at an Australian university for up to three years.

The Northcote (Postgraduate) Scholarships are awarded by the Northcote Trust, and administered on the Trust's behalf by the Britain-Australia Society.


There is no limitation on the field of study. Applicants must be resident in the UK (or one of its dependencies or territories) and need to ascertain their own eligibility for a postgraduate programme (MA or PhD) in Australia.

The Trustees particularly welcome proposals for PhD and research-based Masters programmes.


The scholarship provides:

  • Visa costs

  • An economy return airfare to Australia

  • Payment of compulsory university fees and charges as specified in the Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship PDF.

  • A generous living allowance, paid quarterly

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship PDF thoroughly before contacting the office as the answer is likely to be there.


Application Process

  • The application process will open on 1st June and close at 5.00pm, Friday 26th August 2022.

  • After the closing date submissions are distributed to an Evaluation Committee.

  • The Trustees then decide the scholarship awardee(s).

  • The decision is communicated to all applicants approximately 2 months after submissions close (i.e. around the end of October).

Applications must be supported by:

  • A completed Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship application form which includes:

    • Contact details

    • A summary CV

    • A statement from the applicant on the proposed course (1 or 2 pages)

    • A statement of why the study must be undertaken in Australia

  • Two references, on the form provided, from persons able to assess the academic potential and character of the applicant

  • A firm offer from the university. If no offer has yet been obtained then a statement from the host institution in Australia indicating that programme of study can be appropriately pursued there and that the candidate is eligible and has been given provisional acceptance.


Application documents for the 2022 awards process (for study commencing in 2023) can be downloaded at the following links:

Application form

References request

Terms and conditions

Obligations of scholarship awardees

  • Study must commence within one year of the award.

  • The flight out must be taken within one year of the award

  • No funds above those stated will be entertained

  • The award is granted for no longer than 3 years

  • Scholars are responsible for arranging their own visa, health cover, insurance etc.

  • A yearly report (and half-year update) must be submitted on progress and expenditure. This must be supported by course supervisors. Continuation of the grant depends on satisfactory reports

  • A comprehensive report on completion of the study is also required

If you would like help applying to your chosen programme at an Australian university, or have any questions about the university application process, please contact Study Options. Founded in 2005, Study Options is a free advice and application service for students. For more information please see


The application process for study commencing in 2023 will open on 1 June.

Northcote Trust Administrator:

The Northcote Trust c/o The Britain-Australia Society

Australia Centre Strand London WC2B 4LG

T: 020-7630-1075


Please note that the scholarships are awarded by the Northcote Trust. The Britain Australia Society has no involvement other than administrating the Trust.


If you are a UK or Australian university we would appreciate if you would promote this scholarship to your graduates/prospective postgrads. Please get in touch via email for a flyer.

History of the Northcote Trust


The Rt Hon. Lady Northcote, born Alice Stephen, was the wife of Australia’s Third Governor General and was a Dame of the British Empire and received the Star of India. She made a 1932 Will which included instructions to set up the Northcote Trust.


Alice died on June 1st 1934 and William Waldegrave Palmer, Earl Selborne, was made a Trustee to chair the Trust. In 1975 the aims of the Trust were restated as:

“To assist students resident in the United Kingdom by awarding grants of scholarships to enable them to study in universities and colleges in Australia”.

Income from invested Trust funds determines how many scholars are supported each year but typically there are 1 to 3 new PhD and/or MA scholars awarded each year.


The Trust covers airfares, a stipend and all scholastic fees for up to 3 years. There is no limit on subject of study and past recipients have included those studying turtle migration, glassworking, coastal light pollution, cancer treatment, regional security and ophthalmology, among many other subjects.


Applications are reviewed by an expert group called the Executive Committee, which provides a shortlist and recommendation to the Trustees each year. Click below for information about applying for the scholarship.


National Library of Australia

Current and past scholars include:

2021 Isobel Howe (LLM, Sydney University)

2019 Alexandra Kirkman, MA – Adelaide, Environmental Policy and Management

2019 Susanna Cramp, PhD – Western Australia, Aboriginal Knowledge and Conservation

2019 Daniel Seaton, PhD – Sydney, History

2018 Camillo Lamanna, MA – Sydney, Public Health

2018 Edward Evans, PhD – James Cook, Biochemistry

2017 Alex Ferdi, PhD – Sydney, Opthalmology

2016 Abigail Lewis, MA – Melbourne, Int’l Relations

2016 Sahil Patel, PhD – Sydney, Pharmacology

2015 Jessica Sayers, PhD – Sydney, Chemistry

2014 Anna Siddell, MA – Sydney, Medicine

2014 Shulamit Rawson, MA – Melbourne, Public Health

2014 Sevan Houston, PhD – Queensland, Chemistry

2013 Rebecca Morris, PhD – Sydney, Bioscience

2013 Portia Whiffin, MA – Macquarie, Policing

2012 Rosie Johnston, MA – Sydney, Medicine

2011 Ruth Kamrowski, PhD – James Cook, Environmental Science

2010 Charles Plumptre, PhD – University of Adelaide, Microbiology

2009 Emily Best, PhD – Queensland, Biology (Kangaroo social groups)

2009 Glenn Carter, MA – ANU, Visual Arts (Glassworking)

2009 Simon Lane, PhD – Newcastle, Biology (Oocytes in chromosomes)

2009 Steven Paget, PhD – ANU, Defence (Strategic and Defence Studies Centre )

2008 Madeleine Bottrill, PhD – Queensland, Ecology (Biodiversity conservation,)

2008 Denise Bunting, PhD – Sydney, Ecology (Biogenic habitats )

2007 Carla Atkinson, PhD – Queensland, Biology (Taste sensory systems in sharks)

2007 John Bourke, PhD – Sydney, Mathematics (Universal algebra)

2007 David O’Connor, PhD – Melbourne, Medicine (Cognitive neuroscience)

2006 Mehera Kidston, PhD – UNSW, Environment (Southern Ocean ecosystem)

2006 Rebecca Weeks, PhD – James Cook, Marine Biology

2005 Jerome Laurence, PhD – Sydney, Medicine (Liver transplant tolerance)

2005 Redmond Smyth, PhD – Monash, Medicine (HIV-1 genetics)

2004 Simon Sleight, PhD – Monash, History (current Trustee of the Northcote Trust)