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If you are having difficulties in using the website or anything related to membership, see the FAQ below.


  • What is BAS Membership?
    A BAS membership allows you to access exclusive content and gain early access to event ticket releases and other benefits. Our memberships are annual memberships and there are a few to choose from. These can be found on the Pricing Page.
  • I have a working membership, how do I access the benefits?"
    To access the members page, click the red members button in the top right and follow the sign in prompts. Here you can find all the members-only content!
  • Am I Logged In?
    In order to sign in to your membership across the BAS site you can click the login button in the top right. If there is no "Log In" button but instead an icon which when clicked displays a drop down. You are likely already logged in.
  • I have paid for a membership, but cannot sign in."
    If you cannot sign in, it is likely you are using the wrong email or wrong password. In order to find out what the issue is and fix it, follow these steps: 1. Click the Log In button in the top right 2. Enter your email and password. 3. If you are getting a password error, reset your password by clicking "Forgot Password" and following the prompts. 4. Once completed attempt to log in again. If your email is incorrect, but you believe it to be correct get in touch with the BAS office using the form below.
  • I got an email saying my membership has expired?
    If you recieved an email saying your membership has expired, it is an easy and straight forward process to renew. Simply: Go to the Pricing Plan page. Select the plan you would like to purchase. One the next page, click "Log In" rather than the "Sign Up" button. Enter your login details. Select the payment type and enter your details Once payment is accepted you have now renewed your membership. IMPORTANT: When purchasing a new membership, the membership will now automatically renew each year. If you wish to cancel your automatic renewal, see the FAQ question below.
  • How to Cancel My Plan
    To stop your plan from renewing and charging your card, do as follows: Go to your account page by clicking on the icon in the top right corner. (If there is no icon, you may need to log in first.) Navigate to the "My Subscriptions" tab on the left-hand side. Select the active plan. Click the "Cancel Renewal" button. This will cancel the next (and all future) automatic renewals of your membership however you will still have access to your membership until the remaining time on your membership runs out. E.g. A membership bought on 1/3/21 that is cancelled on 1/6/21 will continue to be active for the remainder of the year until 1/3/22.

Frequently Asked Questions


Further Assistance

If your question is not answered in the FAQ above or your issue still persists, use the form below to get in touch with the office and our IT team.


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